Uniform is considered to be a vital part of life at The Kingsway School. We ask you to ensure that your child adheres to all school uniform regulations, including the manner in which they wear their uniform. 

The vast majority of students are always well turned out and a credit to their parents. The very small minority who give rise to problems, tend to do so in very specific areas. To avoid misunderstanding and to maintain our high standards of appearance, the following clarification is given: 

  • Shoes: Plain, flat, below the ankle all black leather footwear only (including soles). Footwear should have no air pockets, different coloured laces or any additional decoration. It should not be a sports shoe.
  • Trousers: Must be school approved tailored trousers – no jeans, canvas, chinos or corduroy allowed.
  • Jewellery: No jewellery may be worn, this includes earrings and other piercings. Please note we do not allow plasters over new piercings – students will be asked to remove all piercings. 
  • It is recommended that students wear a watch (not an expensive one).
  • Make-up: NOT permitted. Students wearing makeup will be required to remove it. Nail varnish and false nails (including gels and acrylics) are not permitted, neither are false eye lashes.
  • Outerwear: Denim, leather, camouflage jackets, coats with large or unsuitable logos or lettering and HOODIES OF ANY SORT ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • Football Club Clothing: Coats, hats, scarves etc. which explicitly form part of the support for football teams are not to be worn.
  • Haircuts: Hair should be kept tidy with a sensible style and length. Extreme haircuts are not permissible, e.g. unnatural hair colour (including red) and shaved heads less than grade 2.

As a Health and Safety measure, long hair should be tied back from the face during lessons where there is a potential Health and Safety risk, e.g. Food Technology or a Science experiment where a Bunsen burner is used. This applies to both boys and girls. 

Would parents/guardians also note that aerosol type cans are NOT permitted in school. This covers deodorants and hair sprays.

Students should be provided with a suitable bag to carry their belongings. Plastic bags and handbags are not appropriate.

We hope this information will help in providing guidance in the standards we expect. If, before expensive items are bought, you have any queries about uniform, please contact the school.

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To minimise the cost of uniform, we would strongly recommend that non-branded clothing (which has been made minimal where possible) is purchased from high street stores, such as Marks & Spencers, or supermarkets – this could include for example, white shirts and trousers.

Students who arrive at the school inappropriately dressed may be asked to return home to change with their parent’s/carer’s permission. Alternatively, parents/carers may be contacted to ensure that the correct uniform is brought into the school so that the student can be dressed correctly. 

Any student who is unable to wear the full school uniform on a particular day should bring a note from home. Form Tutors who will then issue a temporary uniform pass. The student needs to carry this pass with them at all times. Class teachers should ask students to produce their pass on entry to the classroom. All staff should address students who fail to wear the correct uniform and who deliberately choose not to be part of the The Kingsway School culture. Persistent refusal to comply with the school uniform expectations will be dealt with. 

In some instances, where parents/carers meet certain criteria, we may be able to provide assistance with the cost of purchasing the uniform for your child, including the PE kit; parent/carers who are experiencing difficulties should speak to their child’s Pastoral Head of Year in the first instance, or at the point of transition into Year 7.

School Uniform: General

  • Navy blazer with school badge
  • Navy V-neck pullover with school crest
  • Shirt - plain white, short or long sleeved
  • School tie - with House colour. Houses will be assigned in July of your Transition year.
  • Black tailored trousers
  • Navy skirt - stitch down pleated (optional)

School Uniform: PE Kit

  • Navy Kingsway polo shirt (Also required for Dance)
  • Navy training shorts*
  • Navy training shorts*
  • Navy blue skort*
  • Navy school leggings*
    *Only one of the shorts, skort or leggings are required.
  • Indoor socks
  • Long-sleeve multisport shirt (optional)
  • 1/4 zip training top (optional)
  • Training pants (optional)

In relation to footwear, the school uniform policy states Plain, flat, below the ankle all black leather footwear only (including soles).  Footwear should have no air pockets, different coloured laces or any additional decoration.

The pictures below illustrate the type of school shoes that ARE permitted at The Kingsway School. 


  • Suitable hair accessories only, which must be plain and either navy blue or black. 
  • Hijab, if worn by Muslim girls, must be plain navy blue or black and without decoration.
  • A two strap bag (ideally a rucksack) is part of the full uniform. The bag needs to be durable and big enough to fit key equipment (including planner), PE kit and a water bottle.

  • Outdoor: Suitable outdoor Coats should be worn when the weather is inclement. Non-uniform jumpers or hooded tops are NOT permitted. Leather/denim coats and jackets are NOT permitted.
  • Hoods/Caps: NOT permitted.
  • Coats/Gloves/Scarves/Winter Hats: NOT permitted indoors.
  • Mobile Phones/iPods: NOT permitted.