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Mad Science North West

Today we had a special visit from Mad Science North West who amazed over 250 Year 5s from our local primary schools.

One volunteer turned water into cherryade! Miss Williams from Etchells Primary School whirled a cup of water upside down and none fell out!  Two volunteers shook up some rocket fuel in a didgeridoo ready for it to be set on fire and made a fantastic sound. A great morning was had by all - big thank you to Generator John!

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Whole School Sponsored Walk 2018

On Thursday 29th March, The Kingsway School’s students and staff, charity representatives and volunteers from the local community, completed their 13th Sponsored Walk over a 26-year period, walking over 33 thousand more kilometres - 20 kilometres each - to raise money for charity.

In the past 26 years, they have collectively walked as far as the moon (384,400km from Earth) and are now heading back again, in their continued efforts to raise money for charity.

The walkers left Kingsway at 9am, walking through Bruntwood Park and down to Carrs Park in Wilmslow, where they stopped for lunch, before returning to school via Styal and Heald Green.

The Kingsway School have been walking every two years since 1994 – clocking up an impressive total of miles and raising almost half a million pounds for dozens of local, national and international charities. This year alone, the sponsored walk has raised over £29,000!

Every penny raised will be divided between the school’s chosen charities, selected by their students:

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Mind - For Better Mental Health
Teenage Cancer Trust - Supporting Young People with Cancer Worldwide
Kidscan - Children’s Cancer Research
Anorexia & Bulimia Care - The Pip Foundation

Additionally, a portion of the money raised will be sent to The Kingsway’s sister school, The Kolweny Kingsway School in Kenya, which they have supported with over £82,000 of donations, since 2001. For more information about how the money raised by Kingsway is used in the school in Kolweny please visit Rowley Projects.

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Poetry In The Community – World Poetry Day

To celebrate World Poetry Day 2018, Abney Court Care Home knew they wanted to do something new, something different, and something that would engage people across different generations in the beauty of poetry. They contacted The Kingsway School to see if there was any interest in working in partnership to celebrate this worldwide literary event, and we leapt at the chance!

We wanted to find a way to engage both students of Kingsway and residents of Abney Court in not only reading and enjoying poetry but creating some of their own. We also wanted to open up a dialogue between generations: give residents the opportunity to share some of their incredible stories and memories, and the students the opportunity to hear them. We decided to set the students a challenge: could they take the stories and memories of some of Abney’s residents and turn them into poetry?

Poetry In The Community

The students rose to the challenge admirably. We planned three trips to Abney Court over a period of four weeks. We were unfortunately foiled by the unexpected spring-time snow on the day of our first planned trip but we weren’t deterred. A small group from Kingsway made it to Abney Court on 9th March and our students set about gathering stories. The atmosphere at Abney was so welcoming and friendly that our students settled right in. They met a handful of the wonderful residents and spent the morning engrossed in their stories and memories, marvelling at the experiences of their collective lifetimes. The students asked questions and prompted residents to recall the details of their memories, gathering a rich collection of moments in personal history, until they were overflowing with ideas for capturing those glimpses into the past in words.

Poetry In The Community

Once they had finished gathering stories, the students set about a new challenge: to get a line of poetry from each of the residents they met, to turn into a poem about spring at Abney Court. They went about this with enthusiasm, asking residents to capture their favourite things about life at Abney, especially as the spring begins to unfold. Working beautifully together, students and residents took ideas about spring at Abney and turned them into poetic lines. After some fond farewells and a promise to return to Abney soon, the students made their way back to Kingsway to turn their carefully gathered stories and the resident’s poetic contributions into full poems.

Poetry In The Community

Upon returning to school, the students took these lines and pieced them together to create one poem reflecting life at Abney Court in the spring. The finished poem is rather lovely and can be found below! Their final task was to carefully consider the treasured memories gifted to them by the residents of Abney Court, and to capture and retell those memories through poetry. They spent the next two week thoughtfully crafting poems to gift back to the residents. They worked hard and with great consideration to the individuals they had met, making every effort to preserve the residents treasured memories in a way which respected the joy, and sometimes pain, with which they had been lived. Today, World Poetry Day, we returned to Abney Court where our students performed their poems and presented copies to the residents they had met. There were tears and laughter all round as the students’ work brought precious moments back to life for all to enjoy. The residents were thrilled with the finished poems and moved by the respect and care with which our students had written about them. The residents declared the students to be “a credit” to the school and themselves and hoped we would come back again soon. The students too found the experience invaluable, acknowledging the privilege it was to have the chance to hear first-hand some of the most precious moments in the lives of these members of our community.

Poetry In The Community

Congratulations to those students involved: Akira Edgson, Aliyah Arif, Joseph Fenlon, Holly Rinaldi, Ella-Grace Smith, and Alec Nixon. The challenge of creating poetry from these remembered moments was an exercise in imagination and empathy which also stretched their linguistic skills. We also wish to extend a huge thank you to Abney Court for their wonderful hospitality and for extending this opportunity to our school. The process of interacting with people from another generation was hugely valued by everyone and we hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful and ongoing partnership.

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Kingsway ‘Community Champions’ – Walking to the Moon and Back!

By teatime on Thursday 29th March, The Kingsway School’s students, staff, and volunteers from our local community, will have completed our 13th Sponsored Walk over a 26 year period, walking over 33 thousand more kilometers - 20 kilometres each - to raise money for charity.

In the past 26 years, we have collectively walked as far as the moon (384,400 km from Earth) and are now heading back again, in our continued efforts to raise money for charity.

This is Kingsway’s 13th Charity Sponsored Walk. We have been walking every two years since 1994 - clocking up this impressive grand total of miles walked and raising almost half a million pounds for dozens of local, national and international charities.

Every penny raised will be divided between our chosen charities, nominated and chosen by our students:

Additionally, a portion of the money raised will be sent to our sister school, The Kolweny Kingsway School in Kenya, which we have supported with over £82,000 of donations, since 2001.

Representatives from some of the charities will take part in the walk, alongside volunteers from the local community.

The walkers will leave school at 9am, following a largely off-road route through Bruntwood Park and down to Carrs Park in Wilmslow, where they will stop for lunch at 12, before returning to school via Styal and Heald Green.

Our charity representatives and staff have commented:

It is great to see our young people really ‘going the extra mile’ for others and it is obvious that this walk is a big part of The Kingsway School’s ethos.

What the students achieve will really come home to them at their final assembly in July. Representatives of our chosen charities will be presented with the money raised and will address the whole school, explaining to the students how the money will be used to make a real difference to people’s lives. When we hand over the cheques to these charities it is always a very moving and emotional moment and it makes all of us, staff and students alike, really proud to be part of The Kingsway School.

Sponsored Walk 2016

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Primary Visitors

Local primaries have been involved in a number of transition sessions over this last term:

Art Workshops

  • Year 4 students from Meadowbank primary were involved in a Michael Craig-Martin poly-block printing workshop on 9th January.
  • Year 5 students from Lum Head enjoyed an Intaglio printing workshop inspired by natural forms and the work of Angie Lewin.
  • Year 4 students from Lum Head also had the opportunity to take part in a poly-block workshop studying everyday objects as their inspiration.
  • Year 5's from Prospect Vale visited the Art department on 12th March and learned all about Intaglio printing taking their inspiration from everyday objects.

Year 5's from Etchells and Lum Head threw themselves in to a Samba session learning to play instruments such as the Surdo, Ganza, Agogo Bell and Apito! Both sessions were loud, energetic and lots of fun!

Jaguar Maths
On 24th January, Year 5 students from Prospect Vale enjoyed a whole day of Jaguar Maths competing against each other in a race! Students from Bolshaw Primary also took part in a Jaguar Maths day on 7th February at The Kingsway School.

Grease Performance
Students from Gatley Primary, Prospect Vale, Lum Head and Etchells visited the Kingsway to experience the full dress rehearsal of our school production 'Grease'. The Year 6 students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the performance and spotting ex-students from their primary schools.

Year 4 and 6 pupils from Prospect Vale visited The Kingsway School for PE taster days.And our Indoor tag rugby festival was attended by: Gatley, Prospect vale, St Matthews, Bolshaw and Lady Bridge Primary Schools. The winners were Gatley B team, congratulations to them.

Up and coming events

  • Mad Science Day - 18th April 2018
  • Year 6 English, Art and Dance project - Summer Term 2018

Prospect Vale Year 5 Teacher's Account:

Since September, the Year 5s from Prospect Vale Primary School have been visiting The Kingsway School in preparation for Year 7. The trips have included: a RE lesson on P4C which they all loved; a tag rugby tournament; making Christmas baubles which was fantastic and handling WW1 artefacts. However, the one lesson which, surprisingly, the whole class enjoyed the most was Jaguar Maths. At first the class was bit sceptical about a whole day of maths but once they realised it included computer simulation and racing around Silverstone race course then the FUN began. Much to the delight of the girls, one of them won the race!

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